GYP- White Wash Comics

May 11, 2017

GYP- White Wash Comics (00:52:06)

This week we start out with the comics we have been reading, Rah and Som talk about Batman, then Wave brings up the newest Captain America run. After a short break the geeky gang brings another heavy topic, white washing characters when it comes from book or comic to the big screen.


GYP- Defending the Wonder Tower

May 4, 2017

GYP- Defending the Wonder Tower (00:48:46)

This Week on the Geek Yogurt Podcast, we discuss the Dark Tower movie trailer, the newest instalment from Marvel/Netflix The Defenders, Rah has a short review for Ghost in the Shell. After all of that, an agressive discussion breaks out over marketing. Due to an artical depicting WB/DCs lack of marketing for Wonder Woman, Rah brings to the question, have we as a society become so needy that production companies feel it necessary to flood the public with their properties 6 months to a year out from the movies premire?


GYP- Star Wars Celebration

April 27, 2017

GYP- Star Wars Celebration (00:55:53)

This week we talk about the Star Wars Celebration that happened in Orlando, FL and the informarion that came out of it including the Star Wars: The Last Jedi teaser. We also discuss the Hans Solo stand alone movie, and choose our favorite Star Wars that does not use the Force.


GYP- Rumors of Humanity

April 20, 2017

GYP- Rumors of Humanity (01:25:33)

This week Rah, Wave and Nok discuss some rumors floating around geek properties in Hollywood along with Warhammer 40K then the gang is joined by Agent Amy to play a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity.


GYP- Ratings

April 13, 2017

This Week, after creating a twisted version of a Pokemon, the Geeks discuss the rating system and how it has changed over the years.



April 6, 2017

this week, we discuss the content that came out of Cinema-con, a gathering of movie distributers and movie theaters.


GYP- Trailer Previews

March 30, 2017

GYP- Trailer Previews (01:03:44)

This week, we discuss the newest trailers that have been released-

Movies- Valerian, IT, Spider-Man, and Justice League

Video Games- Destiny, and Injustice 2

Netflix Productions- Death Note, and Godzilla: Monster


GYP- Iron Fits

March 23, 2017

GYP- Iron Fits (00:45:13)

This week we talk about the newest instalment from Marvel/ Netflix, Iron Fist and the universe that Netflix is building with these Marvel characters.


GYP- Pax Logan of Skull Island

March 16, 2017

GYP- PAX Logan of Skull Island (01:06:46)

This week two of us have seen Logan, two of us have seen Kong: Skull Island so we spoil each movie for everyone and wrap up the episode with a retrospective on Bill Paxton.


Geeks Against Humanity

March 9, 2017

GYP- Geeks Against Humanity (00:39:26)

This week, we sit around the mic playing the hit card game, Cards Against Humanity with a deck made up of fantasy, SciFi, and 90"s pop culture booster packs.