GYP- Ratings

April 13, 2017

This Week, after creating a twisted version of a Pokemon, the Geeks discuss the rating system and how it has changed over the years.



April 6, 2017

this week, we discuss the content that came out of Cinema-con, a gathering of movie distributers and movie theaters.


GYP- Trailer Previews

March 30, 2017

GYP- Trailer Previews (01:03:44)

This week, we discuss the newest trailers that have been released-

Movies- Valerian, IT, Spider-Man, and Justice League

Video Games- Destiny, and Injustice 2

Netflix Productions- Death Note, and Godzilla: Monster


GYP- Iron Fits

March 23, 2017

GYP- Iron Fits (00:45:13)

This week we talk about the newest instalment from Marvel/ Netflix, Iron Fist and the universe that Netflix is building with these Marvel characters.


GYP- Pax Logan of Skull Island

March 16, 2017

GYP- PAX Logan of Skull Island (01:06:46)

This week two of us have seen Logan, two of us have seen Kong: Skull Island so we spoil each movie for everyone and wrap up the episode with a retrospective on Bill Paxton.


Geeks Against Humanity

March 9, 2017

GYP- Geeks Against Humanity (00:39:26)

This week, we sit around the mic playing the hit card game, Cards Against Humanity with a deck made up of fantasy, SciFi, and 90"s pop culture booster packs.


GYP- Hot Yogurt

February 23, 2017

GYP- Hot Yogurt (00:52:49)

This week the gang discuss the hot topics in the news including Matt Reeves declining the directors roll in The Batman, Hellboy 3 never seeing the light of day. After that we move on to a quick review of the latest DC animated movie Justice League Dark, Injustice 2, a small breakdown of Swamp Things powers, and we finish up with the new Wonder Woman Action Figures reveals at this years toy fair.


GYP- Fandom Troll

February 16, 2017

GYP- Fandom Troll (00:31:40)

Weather it be news articals taking one comment out of context and spinning it well out of control or fans of a character going after a director or producer because they did not like the portrayal of that charactor, fandom can become messy. This week we talk about fandom and the dark turns it sometimes takes.


GYP- Trailer Talk

February 9, 2017

GYP- Trailer Talk (00:49:24)

This week we take a look at movie trailers that aired durring the 2017 Super Bowl.




GYP- The Saga Continues

February 2, 2017

GYP- The Saga Continues (01:04:34)

We dedicate an entire episode to Star Wars. Running through all of the movies, and discussing fan theories.

We also rank the main movies (episodes 1-7) and count down our favorite fight scenes.